The founding of EDAC

The network of European Diary Archives and Collections Network (EDAC) was founded in June, 2015.

EDAC aims to exchange best practices, data and expertise between the different diary archives in Europe, and to promote scholarly research on diaries and other forms of life writing like letters, autobiographies and memoirs.

The first joint project during the year is the creation of a common website — the one you are visiting right now. To start with we will be publishing quotes from documents from the member archives, in their respective languages, dating from the first week of June 1950. Why June 1950? Well, 65 years ago, in May 1950, Foreign Minister of France Robert Schuman announced his principles of supranational democracy in what has become known as the Schuman Declaration. The Schuman declaration has proved to be the most important basis for the process of European integration, which today makes it possible for organisations to quite naturally work together at a European level. We’d like to share some thoughts written down by ordinary people in their diaries from that time.