Thrinakìa – 4th edition

Thrinakia 4th editionThe Fourth Edition of the Thrinakìa International Prize for Autobiographical, Biographical and Poetic Writings, dedicated to Sicily, is organized by EDAC member Le Stelle in Tasca.

The Thrinakìa Prize has emerged from the experience of the “Ateliers de l’imaginaire autobiographique”, a socio-cultural project initiated by Le Stelle in Tasca. The competition aims to encourage people to experience autobiographical and diaristic, biographical and poetic writing, while stimulating the narrative identities of authors by the memory and imagination of Sicily.

The 4th edition of the Thrinakìa Prize is divided into five sections. Authors are invited to participate with new work in one of the sections:
– Autobiographies: the story of a life lived in Sicily.
– Autobiographical stories: the story of a significant life experience lived in Sicily.
– Travel diaries: the narration of a travel experience in Sicily.
– Biographies: the story of the life story of a person who lived in Sicily.
– Poems: a composition in verse entitled “The Island”, dedicated to Thrinakìa.

The deadline for participation in the 4th edition of the Thrinakìa Prize is February 28, 2018. Read more here (in French) or here (in Italian).